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Welcome to our blog, a running and changing commentary on many things concerning the
business of providing German-English translations. It may feature opinions and observations
on the German or English languages, the labor and nature of translating, news and views about
Germany and other German-speaking countries, as well as Germanic cultural events and
expressions. It may, of course, comment on many other subjects and will be updated from time to time.


German-English Contract Translation

Original German contract

English translation – an excerpt from a German contract:

Control measures and authorization
Principal has the right to monitor compliance with the legal regulations on data protection and/or compliance with the contractual provisions agreed between the parties and/or compliance with the instructions of Principal by Agent at any time to the extent necessary. The Principal’s data protection officer, the data protection oversight authorities having jurisdiction over the Principal or any representatives of the data protection oversight authorities, or someone else hired by the Principal and by profession obligated to maintain confidentiality, shall carry out the first control measures and the regular controls for Principal. At the reasonable discretion of Principal (§ 315 of the German Civil Code), these controls can be replaced by Agent’s voluntary self-disclosure or by attestations verified by Agent and certifications by third parties (for example, data protection audit, TÜV/ISO certification). These can also be the attestations of the company’s own data privacy officer, provided that Agent is able to furnish proof that the data privacy officer is sufficiently qualified. The costs of such attestations or certifications are borne by Agent. If, at the Principal’s reasonable discretion, the Principal does conduct an on-site audit of Agent, then Agent provides – at its own expense – Principal with employees qualified to provide information. Principal bears the costs of any travel and personnel costs as well as any third-party fees that it incurs.


German-English Advertising Translation

Original German advertising text

English translation – an excerpt from an advertising text:

Whether to roam across faraway Alaska in sleds drawn by huskies and to plunge into the silent veils of light shed by the Aurora Borealis; or to experience the legendary Boi Bumba Festival right in the middle of the rainforest on the banks of the Amazon in Parintins; or to listen to the song of humpback whales while diving at Silver Bank, or to get to the bottom of life while sitting around a campfire with an Indian sadhu.


German-English Medical Translation

Original German medical document

English translation – an excerpt from a German medical document:

Status post external ORIF [open reduction and internal fixation] of a bimalleolar right upper ankle joint fracture (in the USA, on December 13, 2013).
--> at the current time, imminent danger of impaired wound healing / soft tissue edema with blistering.

Medical history:
Patient referred by Dr. Braun. On December 12, 2013 (12:00 p.m.), the patient sustained a bimalleolar upper ankle joint fracture. After closed repositioning, surgery was performed at 2:00 p.m. the next day (during honeymoon in Philadelphia, USA) --> afterwards, there was significant soft-tissue edema. On December 14, 2013, the patient flew back with a circular cast on --> extreme pain was experienced inside the cast --> initial appointment with Dr. Braun.
--> No records from the USA are available.
December 18, 2013 --> Referral because of imminent danger of impaired wound healing / soft tissue edema.
--> X-ray tests at Dr. Braun’s office --> Fibular plate and 2 adjustment screws over the
lateral malleolus and screw osteosynthesis over the medial malleolus.
--> presently receiving antibiotic therapy from Dr. Braun.  
Allergies: bee stings
Secondary diagnoses: none

Medication: no medication at home --> for pain, Ibuprofen 800 / additional pain medication /
Clexane 40, 0-0-1 subcutaneous/PPI [per primam intentionem = healing by primary intention].

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