German-English Translation – Will / Trust Agreement

Original German text

English translation – will/trust agreement:

I. Trust Situs

The Situs of this Trust shall be the State of Washington. Should any question concerning governing law arise, the laws of the State of Washington shall rule. The situs of this Trust may be changed by the Settlor, acting as Trustee, should such a change become advantageous.

II. Trust Property

A. Original Trust Estate

Settlor acknowledges that she has transferred to the Trustee without consideration, the sum of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) which shall constitute the original corpus of the Trust Estate.

B. Additions to the Trust Estate

Additional property may be added to the Trust Estate at any time by the Settlor, or by any person or persons, by inter vivos or Testamentary transfer. All such original and additional property is referred to herein collectively as the Trust Estate, and shall be held, managed, and distributed as herein provided.


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